“Open your mind to the world and the many different ways that can be found in it, before making hasty judgments of others. After all, the very same thing that you judge from where you are— may very well be something totally different in meaning on the other side of the world. The problem with making hasty judgments is that it will emphasize your ignorance at the end of the day.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Did you think I didn’t hear you the first time? I have listened to your voices and concerns, but for me, those are not mine. And I know this may sound strange, but that is okay. I hear what you have to say because I care for what you have to say and I revel in hearing other opinions.

But there is no need to be critical and judgmental because my voiced opinions are different from yours. We are not the same, and guess what… that is OKAY.

I know that we live in a society where we judge the other side, but we need to stop. I am tired of the name calling and ridiculing from both sides.

We are all different, but yet we are all the same. There are two sides for a reason, and there are those like me who are stuck in the middle because we can see the reasoning for both sides on different subjects.

We need to stand together. We need to listen. We need to be strong. Instead we stand for one side. We listen to one side. We choose to understand only those who think like us.

We hear someone is Liberal or Republican, and we place our judgment of who we believe they are and what they stand for instead of using reason and discussion to understand WHY they are deciding to stand for what they are.

But that’s okay, because you have found many through social media who believe as you.  Instead of taking time to listen, and I mean actually listen. Instead we choose, to respond with hate, anger, and arguing.

To me, I find this interesting, because as I parent my kids, they believe certain things are right even though we as adults know different. No, you can’t have chocolate for every meal. No, you can’t have that just because you want it. But it is their job to listen to understand why they can’t. We teach our kids to listen and be respectful even when they don’t agree with my position on the matter.


When did we lose our ability to listen and try to understand? No, you don’t have to change who you are or agree with what I am saying. But we should ALL…and I mean ALL, be listening and showing respect to one another.

STOP with the name calling. It does nothing but show juvenile behavior.

STOP deleting people because you disagree with them. Listen to them and share your thoughts. Because, if they are truly listening then there is always a chance for growth. From them or maybe from you.

I, personally, know this because I listened. I have changed and grown from what I once believed. And, there is a chance that my position will change with more that I learn. And I’m okay with that. I may look back a year from now or maybe 10 years from now and think how stupid I was. But I will not regret that decision, because I know that I listened and tried to understand from all outlooks outside of my own.

I know some of you will never change, but I hope just one or two of you will take time today and try.


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