Truth Be Told

The truth is, parenting is hard.  Some days we feel that we have this whole parenting thing down and then someone throws a fit, throws a tantrum or quite frankly, just doesn't listen.

Some days I wish it was like how they display it on television where you have this perfectly clean house and your children are willing to help you at any beck and call but honestly, it's not at all like that.  Some days I will have to say my childs name 10 times with my voice raising each time till they will even register that they need to stop and listen.

But, even though some days I feel a little frazzled or stressed, I have that complete breakthrough of happiness when they hug me, wants me to join in with their game or with my older, feels proud to introduce me to his friends (yes, I'm aware as he gets older that will end as well).  I will always cherish these moments with them because the wonderful moments with them outweighs the stress. As I look back on the past, I never even think about those moments because I remember the moments where they wanted me to sing, play, cuddle and just be with them.

For that, I will never forget how blessed I am (even when they aren't listening at the store).


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