School Break

Every year as school breaks approach, I am always excited and beyond optimistic that we're going to stay up on doing some type of school work activity, read and just have an enjoyable time together.

I seem to always forget that when you put three kids together non stop without a true break from one another that things tend not to go exactly as you are hoping.

Kids, like us need structure and a break from one another.  And well as the insanity grew in this house from the messiness and disagreeing with one another, so did the optimism that this break was going to go as smoothly as I was planning.  But the truth is, nothing is ever just as you thought it would be whether it be better, worse or just overall different.

Now the original plan for this break may have been thrown out the window along with a bit of my sanity but that doesn't mean it won't be a great break with one another. And to that, is my new goal.

We've been able to spend time cuddling while watching movies, building legos, running around the house and doing all the fun stuff kids love.

Take in the craziness and enjoy the insanity while they still want you to join in with them because it won't last as long as we wish.


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