Friday, January 4, 2019

We Can Do This....Together

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyous, stressful and sometimes scary point in our lives.  You are left with this beautiful blessing placed within your arms but there is also a piece within you that questions whether or not you will be a good parent.

As a parent, you know and u derstand this fear. This truth makes me often confused as to why we see other parents tearing one another down. Our method of parenting is not always the best way for everyone and that is something we all need to accept and understand.

As a first time mother, I felt this when my own baby was one month old from within my own family.  My son had just been fed a half hour prior and he was sleepy but just couldn't fall asleep since we were not at home at the time. So he did what all babies do, cry. My aunt had to give me her advice that I should feed him.  I made the mistake of saying he usually eats every three hours. She is insistent that anytime she fed her baby that she would always be happy and anytime she cried, that's all she had to do. She pushed over and over till I gave him. I didn't stick to my gut because as I knew, he wasn't hungry but he was in fact sleepy and he shortly after finally fell asleep.

It's okay to give advice but only when it is asked for but please don't push what worked for you because your method is not right for every body.

Sadly, many parents are questioned and insulted because their method is different from yours from far too many other people whether it be from friends, family or strangers.  We need to stop this and instead support one another.  We are a tribe and need to be there for one another because all of us understand how this feels as I'm sure each one of us have had somebody insert their thoughts in at one point.

Stay strong and trust yourself as a parent.

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