5 Tips To Help Restore Your Mental Health

As a parent, we often overlook our own personal necessities for the care of our children's needs.  It is important to care for our children's but we also can't neglect our own health in the process.  This is something many of us do but don't realize till too late.

Below are five tips in helping restore your personal health:

Self Care
While it is easy to wake up and go in with your day in pajamas or comfy clothes, it is important to take some personal time each morning to take care of your hygiene and get dressed for the day. By doing this, it has been shown to improve your mood and give yourself some self confidence.

Take some time each day and put in a little exercise whether it is at the gym, outside or even in your house. Exercise has many health benefits such as relieving stress, boost overall mood and helps with your sleep.

Healthier Eating Habits
As a stay at home mom, I find it easy to go to the kitchen and grab some kind of junk food. By doing this, I find my body feeling sluggish and lazy. By making better choices in what I eat throughout the day, it helps improve my mood, health,  etc.

Kids are messy, I have three young kids so I completely understand. Having a messy house, if you are like, makes you feel stressed, frustrated and I mentally begin to feel cluttered. Take 20 minutes a day and it will become easier to keep up your house.

Find Time For Yourself
Yes, this is difficult sometimes to do especially with a toddler who follows you everywhere even to the bathroom. But it is important to have time for yourself so you do not become lost in who you are.

Try not to lose who you are because our children do see more than we know and our choices will be ones they may make in the future.


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