Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me begin this journey by introducing myself. My name is Brandy and I began this journey of motherhood seven years ago when I was 26. Honestly, I have slowly let motherhood consume who I am entirely and I am on the journey of rediscovering myself and who I truly am. I am deeply am introvert and I find it difficult to show people who I am unless I am comfortable with you. I am working on my confidence level and I hope that throughout these blogs that it will continue to show.

I have been blessed with three amazing kids who very energetic and each unique from one another. There is not a thing in the world which I would change about them.

Brenen is my eldest who is rambunctious, slightly socially awkward and an introvert like myself who loves science, creating and building.

Isabel my middle child is the epitome of a ballet loving girly girl but with the help of two brothers, you will sometimes see her playing on dirt and watching Harry Potter.

Callen is my youngest and he is still discovering who he is but for the most part right now, I'm his favorite cuddle buddy bit he loves having his older siblings around him and will often try to cuddle with them each night.

We are not a perfect family but we will always try to be our best and love one another.


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